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Welfare Centre, Ledeburg

Megaline Light Red Multi This public services and welfare centre in Ledeburg was created by Ghent-based firm, Bontinck. The specification of Wienerberger Megaline Light Red Multi gives the large-scale development a sense of warmth, unity and solidity. The long format serves to enhance the length of the building, creating a vibrant and impactful façade.

New World, Izegem

Megaline Dark Red Multi Located in the heart of West Flanders, this residential development from BURO II & ARCHI+I is a striking example of the unique aesthetic that can be achieved with long format bricks. The external walls are pointed with a medium grey, brushed joint for contrast, while the extruded format emphasises the formal […]

Roman Red Waterstruck, Bruge, Belgium

Roman Grey Waterstruck, Otegem, Belgium

Megaline Grey Multi, Corner Sparreweg & Heggebossenweg, 3980 Tessenderlo

Roman Black Waterstruck, Willebroek, Belgium