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Welfare Centre, Ledeburg

Megaline Light Red Multi This public services and welfare centre in Ledeburg was created by Ghent-based firm, Bontinck. The specification of Wienerberger Megaline Light Red Multi gives the large-scale development a sense of warmth, unity and solidity. The long format serves to enhance the length of the building, creating a vibrant and impactful façade.

New World, Izegem

Megaline Dark Red Multi Located in the heart of West Flanders, this residential development from BURO II & ARCHI+I is a striking example of the unique aesthetic that can be achieved with long format bricks. The external walls are pointed with a medium grey, brushed joint for contrast, while the extruded format emphasises the formal […]

Luxury Villa

Roman Grey Waterstruck This elegant luxury villa in Belgium was designed by Ghent studio, CAAN Architecten. Laid flat and pointed with a colour-matched mortar, the Wienerberger Roman Grey Waterstruck brick enhances the refined structure of the façade, contrasting magnificently with the glossy, minimalist effect of the dark glass windows.

Roman Red Waterstruck, Bruge, Belgium

Roman Grey Waterstruck, Otegem, Belgium

Megaline Grey Multi, Corner Sparreweg & Heggebossenweg, 3980 Tessenderlo

Roman Black Waterstruck, Willebroek, Belgium